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Welcome to Lil Sunshine Home Daycare LLC, where children learn, explore, shine and grow!


My name is Kamara Moodie

I am a mom, grandmother and dedicated Early Childhood Educator. I have been in the field of childcare for almost 20 years. I have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Inclusive Education, I am a Head Teacher and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Child Studies. I have extensive trainings in topics related to early childhood especially Special Needs. I am CPR and First Aid Certified.  Childcare is my passion, nurturing young minds, planting seeds for the future and watching them grow and flourish is what keeps me motivated.



    Lil Sunshine Home Daycare provides care for children ages 6 weeks to twelve (12) years old. We operate on a 24 hour schedule Monday to Friday. All meals are provided and children are in a clean, safe, fun, nurturing, developmentally appropriate educational environment with a team of caregivers that are dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every child in care.


    Infants & Toddlers

    Our babies enter care as young as 6 weeks old, and grow, develop and thrive in an environment that is warm, loving, nurturing and conducive to their growth and development. As they transition into the toddler stage, they are monitored closely using the Developmental Milestone Chart. Children's growth and development is very important and as caregivers we are invested in their developmental progress.



    Our preschoolers are curious little people who are ready to explore and learn. Besides the basics of ABC and 123, we cover all developmental domains; physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional. As they transition to Pre K 4 or Kindergarten, they are already ahead academically and socially. At Lil Sunshine we learn, explore, shine and grow! 


    Before & After Care

    Many parents struggle with work and their children's school schedule. We provide before and after school care from ages 5 to 12 years old. Nutritious meals and snacks are served and children are encouraged to do their homework.

    Yalisa DeJesus

    My daughter and I have experienced true Care and Love from this daycare! Kamara and Sybil are amazing and cared for my daughter as if she was their own. As a struggling single mom, Kamara went above and beyond for us, more than what any other normal daycare would provide. I am not exaggerating in this review but simply speaking truth from the experience I shared with them. I am blessed to have met Kamara and Sybil and trust them whole heartedly. I will be forever Grateful for all the help and care we’ve received. I encourage anyone who is looking for a daycare to bring their children here. This daycare will feel like a second home for your child(ren).

    Danielle Walker

    This daycare is run by an amazing staff of caring and dedicated teachers. They have left a very lasting impression on my child where they are ready for the next phase of their educational life


    Shikara Watson

    Kamara and Sybil are the absolute BEST! They have cared for my daughter who is now 10 years old and they currently care for my twins that are 18 months old; My twins were just 2 months old when they started to care for them. Trust is hard to come by, but they are like family! If you're looking for a daycare that is family oriented, loving, and trustworthy, this is it! The love they give my children is like no other. I feel so lucky to have women like them in our lives. I call Kamara and Sybil my children's "Day Moms" because they are more than just daycare providers. They have created a safe nurturing environment where my children have grown and developed. In addition, I must mention the education they provide. Your children will leave this daycare prepared for Kindergarten. My oldest daughter who is now 10 has never forgotten about her amazing experience here. I will forever recommend them because they deserve it! THANK YOU KAMARA & SYBIL FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK DAY IN AND DAY OUT!

    Latoya Parsard

    This daycare has 2 gifted individuals (Kamara & Sybil) whose passion for caring and nurturing goes above and beyond. They aid in developing each child’s own special skill whilst constantly introducing new activities to make them completely rounded. This daycare is very health conscious and adheres to the guidelines stipulated by OEC as well as ensuring that each child is provided with nutritional meals daily. I am the proud parent of a special needs child who is fortunate to be in the care of Kamara who is completely certified in this area of specialty. Kamara also provides guidance to parents of the children and aids in their own professional and personal development on a continual basis. I highly recommend this daycare because of the positive changes that I have seen in my son both socially and academically.

    Kemisha Morris

    My daughter has been attending Little Sunshine Daycare since she was two, and my son since he was 6 months old. Beyond great! I was one of those parents who was opposed to daycare. Kamara and Sybil put all those doubts to rest. My kids eat, play, and learn. There has never been a time where I was worried about either of my kids, while they were in their care. My daughter knows her letters, numbers, shapes, colors, how to spell her first AND last name, as well as other things...and she's only 4. They are very big on hygiene; even before covid. There's been a few occasions, when my kids didn't even want to leave. Everyone gets along really well. The kids miss each other when they leave, and greet each other with warm welcomes in the morning. I'd recommend this daycare to anybody.

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    45 Butler Avenue

    Bridgeport CT 06605



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